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Pentland – Legal Area

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Pentland – Legal Area

Print, wrap all filing cabinets, ensuring every last millimetre is covered & every graphic looks seamless with all joins perfectly lined up.

We tested like it was going out of fashion in the knowledge that once we perfected the tests the actual project would be fine – And it was!

Design: Pentland Design Pool

“We have worked closely with the LTD team for the last 13 years, they continue to be a joy to work with.

They are forward thinking and innovative when it comes to materials printing techniques and experimentation of new ideas.

The team have the ability to turn the normal in to the unusual, desirable and exceptional.

I have always found them to be reliable with both small and big projects, and they have always delivered at a great standard.”

– Katie Greenyer, Creative Talent and Network Director, Pentland Brands