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Harrods Windows 3 and 4 on Brompton Road for Boost running show launch.  Ceiling, floor and walls were all treated on this full shopfit production. Multiple effects and medias used to fulfil the brief.

5th floor sports area in Harrods taken over for the champions league final ball launch. Metallic/reflective gloss panels sampled and created to achieve the effect required.

3D windows and in-store graphics. Installed overnight in Stella McCartney store, Lillywhites, O2 Arena, John Lewis and the Adidas Performance Stores.

All design by Intermarketing Agency.

“A huge personal thank you from me and our guys here for your guy work on Boost. You went above and beyond as always and the work we are producing together is on another level. We seem to be going from strength to strength and I look forward to continuing the relationship and producing more and more outstanding work. As always, it’s been a pleasure guys and you really have added another arm to our agency and I wanted to thank you personally. ”

– James Henry, Head of Retail, Intermarketing