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Miller Insurance – Stu’s Favourite

Friday, May 5th, 2017 - Graphics, Interior, Our Team

Miller Insurance graphics

We asked our staff to pick their favourite 15 projects to celebrate our 15th anniversary this year. Here’s Stu Hart’s – Miller Insurance.

Miller Insurance graphics“For me it was one of the most beautiful jobs we have ever done using optically clear media and white ink.

Only using white ink to create wonderful fluid swirls, using no other colours, on a substrate that is very clean and optically clear made the whole thing look very elegant. It looks absolutely amazing.

The pattern was repeated throughout multiple levels of the building making the overall effect stunning.


Miller Insurance graphicsThe job itself was challenging. Optically clear and white ink meant that the process at our end had to be kept incredibly clean. We had to use the correct protective seals so the whole thing could be set up and installed on site without any scratches or imperfections. From the digital printing, to the mounting and finishing, applying the anti-scratch seal then wrapping it, transporting it, unwrapping it and installing it snag free is a testament to the care that was needed and the care that was taken for it to come out so flawless, now installed it looks part of the glass.”

See more about Miller Insurance offices.

Stuart Hart


Stu Hart has been Director at LTD since our beginnings, 15 years ago.





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