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Google Offices – Kate’s Favourite

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 - Fun, Graphics, Interior, Our Team


We asked our staff to pick their favourite 15 projects to celebrate our 15th anniversary this year. Here’s Kate’s.

Google_Offices_graphics_installation“Google is my favourite mainly because it was my first impression of LTD.

I started here as a temp and when I first came into the office I was sat down with a copy of the LTD Book II to get acquainted with what we do. I was impressed!

Google shone out because they are famous for their fabulous offices and great work place environments. But what goes on behind Google’s walls was not something I had ever personally seen. Seeing what could be done with the right graphics, how transformative well placed visuals could be, and how much personality LTD could bring out in an office was impressive.

Tying in wall, floor, and glass elements was what got me, I loved how playful graphics could be.

I knew I’d walked into something a little bit special and a year later I’m so pleased I’ve managed to wriggle my way in as a permanent member of staff.

LTD may make offices, schools, hospitals and shops a better place to be, but I wouldn’t be anywhere else!”

Details of GoogleGoogle_Offices_graphics_installation

  • A 54m x 4m park scene, produced using three medias (wallpaper, clear SAV and vinyls) to cover all the differing areas of walls, glass and wood.
  • London skyline, using white ink to create a profile cut Manifestation that has areas of optically clear, semi transparent and opaque graphics in the same layer.
  • London bus, decorative graphics to support this unique installation.
  • Design by Peldon Rose.

Kate Bond

Kate Bond has been Sales and Marketing Support since 2016.






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