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Adidas Olympic Campaign – Craig’s favourite

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 - Graphics, Our Team, Retail, Window Display


We asked our staff to pick their favourite 15 projects to celebrate our 15th anniversary this year. Here’s Craig Snowden’s.

Adidas Olympic Campaign


“For me, it has to be the Adidas Olympic Campaign.Adidas Olympic Campaign

I am a big sports fan as well as a big fan of the brand Adidas, but throw into the mix an Olympic games on our door step (quite literally, when we were based in Bethnal Green) and the most famous shop in the world (arguably), what is there not to be excited about?

Being the Finance Manager, I also remember how quickly they paid! And due to my accounts background I did well to dodge the Ernst & Young project when choosing my favourite, as I thought this was too predictable. Although that could be a close second.”

Adidas Olympic CampaignThe Adidas Olympic Campaign consisted of:

16 bespoke 3D windows

270 elements

28 effects

6 install teams

Designed by Intermarketing Agency

Craig Snowden


Craig Snowden has been Finance Manager for LTD since 2011.





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