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The average age in our office drops but the mental age goes up!

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 - Fun, Graphics, Our Team

We recently welcomed Daniel, Josh and Matthew to our offices in Hertford to find out what it’s all about. As part of their work experience, they each spent time working on their own project with our design department, digital department, printing and finishing departments to see how many steps are involved from having the idea to its completion. They were a pleasure to have in the office! Hopefully we didn’t put them off too much. Here’s what they had to say about their time.

Matthew Wright, Roding Valley High School

I really enjoyed myself in my week at LTD Ltd. There were lots of interesting things to do, such as seeing all the new machines in action, helping out with the finishing of other projects as well as seeing my own project go through all the different processes.

At first I was unsure about what I wanted my project to be based around, but everyone was very kind in helping me make my mind up on what I wanted to do and help me decide what media it would look the best on.

Everyone was kind and very approachable; if you had any questions about anything, or if you wanted to see anything, they would always be up to helping you or finding someone who could help you.


Daniel Groom, Chauncy School

My time at Learn To Dream Ltd was unforgettable. I learned not only the values of working, but the values of being an adult. Working with the men and women there showed me what it’s like to be part of an effective workforce.

The goal during my time there was to make a piece of work that would be finalised and all done professionally. The piece I made was something that came as an idea very quickly. Although it came to me quick, it was most definitely what I wanted to do. It turned out amazing all with the help of the guys.

All in all a great experience!

Josh Brice, Leventhorpe School

I recently completed my work experience at Learn To Dream Ltd and I enjoyed the experience a lot! All members of the team were very approachable and really nice. It was a really nice environment to work in and everyone made me feel comfortable.

Before coming I had a mild interest in graphics and after finishing my week I now see it as a career path. Also I didn’t realise how many stages there were to creating graphics. All the designing, production and finishing really takes a lot of time and it has taught me to work efficiently but carefully at the same time. Whilst I was here, I had the chance to create my own graphics project which really gave me a feel for all aspects of creation.

The final product was to such a high quality! My favourite part was designing my product on Photoshop and my least favourite part was when Antonio kept making me jump in the finishing department! Thank you LTD Ltd for giving me an amazing experience and insight into the graphic and printing industry.



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