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Vary white ink and opacity levels for stunning glass manifestations

Thursday, November 26th, 2015 - Exterior, Graphics, Interior, Print, Retail, Window Display

White Ink Variations

Whatever your design idea, variation within the design can make it more interesting and turn your glass manifestation into a bespoke centrepiece for your workspace. Intricate details can be achieved by fine patterns, or you may want a more minimalist approach with shapes and blocks of colour for a modern feel. From monochrome manifestations to branded colour schemes, there are numerous possibilities to brighten up your office.

Opaque vs translucent designs

Though many customers will opt for blocks of solid colour for branding in particular, varying the opacities for your design can add depth and sophistication. Softer boundaries are created by using frosting and fading, which can be different across different sections of one single design, or piece of film.

Varying the amount of white ink used can help to highlight areas of your design such as a logo or centre piece. This allows you to shift the focus onto certain elements within your design, which can be useful for advertising in the front of your premises.

Practical benefits of white ink variations

Glass manifestations must legally have some element of design within them at eye level, for safety reasons. Varying opacities allows you to create a less striking design that will not be overwhelming, yet complies with safety regulations. Another practical benefit is that areas of the glass manifestation can be made more or less transparent to enhance privacy where members of your team are working.

The best glass wall manifestations

We have years of knowledge in design and application here at LTD, and can demonstrate this through some of our projects, such as The Ark, Hammersmith, where we carried out a bespoke project application. Give us a call on 0845 456 4031 for some ideas, and input into your latest office design.

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