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A Little Bit Country

Monday, October 19th, 2015 - Comedy, Exterior, Fun, News, Our Team

I have lived and worked in London for a very long time. Too long to actually write the figure down, as it will remind me in print how f**king old I am. And I am still completely smitten with London town, it’s architecture, variety (of people and places), contrast of places – from Uber cool Hoxton to Uber chic Knightsbridge and everything in-between.

Up until around 6 months ago Ltd were happily ensconced in Hackney until we realised we were rapidly running out of space, our kit scattered all over the building and a few storage facilities. Time to move then, to a bigger place, all the kit reunited plus some shiny new stuff!
It didn’t take us too long to realise for additional space and value for money we needed to look further afield, and that eventually resulted in finding the perfect space in a town called Hertford. A big shell of a building, offices upstairs, an opportunity to strategically plan our space for now and the future. And plan we did (rather everybody but me. My job was not to interfere.) and the final results are perfect. Everything has it’s place, and extra space for our recently purchased new kit too.

So building sorted, but what about the local area? We didn’t really focus on that, more the ease of location e.g nearest station, journeys for staff, parking etc. As all the other boxes were ticked with a big black maker pen, researching the local area was much less important. We knew there was a big Tesco’s by the station, a fry up café about 400 yards away and that was about it. What else does one need?
But you know what, Hertford town is lovely. Every shop pretty much you could possibly need, cool bars, hotels and restaurants a plenty. We lucked out. Obviously it’s imperative we socialise with the locals, so bars in particular have been frequented on a regular basis in the name of research and personnel development. Team building, an essential part of Ltd has moved from Hackney to Hertford seamlessly.
And there’s green stuff everywhere – Trees, bushes, grass and the blue stuff – Sky (seems bigger out here) lakes and a particular shot you get in bars. – Identity unknown.
We are bloody thriving. I could get grass in Hackney, but that was in plastic bags from the “yoots” on the estate opposite us. Passed through car windows from “sales people” on Boris bikes.

From a client perspective, on the basis we pretty much install everything we print it’s irrelevant where we produce the work, only that we turn up on site on time with the right stuff. Clients do still visit us and it’s quite nice to get out of the smoke occasionally for them.
I, fortunately get the best of both worlds. Still running around London seeing people, getting my fix but then can retreat back to ‘the office’, driving through the countryside (the fast bit of the A10) on the way “home”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not having thoughts of moving out yet. And I won’t either. I need noise at night. Traffic, voices a bit of life to feel safe and warm. A country retreat surrounded by silence would unnerve me as it would my kids who have all grown up in North London or ” The Ends” as they call it, but I am pleasantly surprised by my new work location.

I am picking my boy up from Gloucester Uni soon. Looking forward to the drive, and the countryside. What’s happening to me.

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