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Friday, September 4th, 2015 - Comedy, Fun, Our Team


I know this blog shouldn’t just be about me, but this week it is (sort of) just about me.
I was listening to Talk Sport and on Colin Murray’s show every Thursday, amongst his guests are Daley Thompson.

He told a great story that happened the previous Saturday after his stint on BBC covering The World Athletics Championship. Both himself and Michael Johnson were pundits on the show and were about to leave the studios to go back to their hotel.
As they were about to exit they realised it was pouring down with rain and their hotel was about 150m away. And yes you did see the punchline coming, Daley really did say to Michael “wanna race then?” The greatest Decathlete in history double Olympic champion against the 4 time Olympic champion and current 400m world record holder running full pelt down a Manchester street.

For me, the best thing about it is the fact that they tossed their egos aside and did it. Just for the hell of it. I imagine that if anybody happened to be blessed enough to witness it and told their mates none of them would have believed them “bet you had a few”, “it was lookalikes”. Daley won according to Daley but he did have trackies and trainers vs suit and shoes. I reckon I know who would win on a track, spikes vs spikes.

So hearing this story brought back one of the greatest moments of my life. I take you back to around 1976 when I was a 100m and 200m sprinter for the Ilford Athletics Club and was trained by a lovely bloke called Brian Meadows, who was a good mate of Daley Thompson, who was the star at our rival Athletics club, Essex Beagles.
Training one Sunday morning my coach casually introduces me to to his mate Daley and Daley asked ME if I fancied a race. Against (at the time) one of the most famous sportsmen in the world. His tash alone was daunting enough never mind the rest of him.

So off we go, him over the hurdles, me running flat, the two greatest athletes in Ilford, if not the planet.

Obviously I let him win. Didn’t want to shatter his confidence with the Olympic games coming up, but it was close. A hundredth of a second close from what I remember.

So me and Michael Johnson have something in common. Both beaten by Daley Thompson, the greatest Decathlete of all time.
I can live with that, but can Michael?

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