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Optically clear – a stunning new medium

Friday, September 23rd, 2016 - Exterior, Interior, News, Print, Retail

Graduated optically clear graphics CMC offices in the City.

Perfectly fluid graduated graphics produced on optically clear with anti scratch laminate for CMC offices in the City.

One of the best new mediums to have been introduced to the market is undoubtably optically clear media.

Up to this point, the only media available was clear vinyl, but it wasn’t optically clear. So when installed the clear areas had a fuzziness to them so you could tell that a film had been applied to the glass.

The beauty of optically clear is that, assuming it is printed correctly, it has an optically clear anti-scratch seal applied. And crucially, if installed correctly, then it looks like it has been printed directly to the glass.

This creates a beautiful illusion and cliches aside, transforms the space.

Optically clear graduations for Molinare offices.

Optically clear graduations for Molinare offices.

Obviously design is crucial too, but simple grads with a perfect and smooth transition, whether in one colour or a rainbow effect, can be really stunning and timeless.

With the advent of white ink, the choice is pretty much unlimited as you can now vary opacities within the same manifestation.

layers of multi layered optically clear media for Freeths Offices, Milton Keynes

Multi layers to the front and back of the glazing, printed optically clear using different percentages of white, printed frosts and gold metallic vinyls for Freeths.

But ultimately it is often the more simple design, coupled with an understanding of the effect of optically clear once installed, that can be the most spellbinding.

We constantly test for clients so they can be experimental without commitment, see how their ideas actually look printed (and applied to acrylic) before they present to their clients or bosses.

It serves to give us the possible heads up on a project very early on, and be able to plan for it, and know what the client is thinking which helps as the project develops.

So don’t be shy! Give us a call on +44 (0)207 613 0864 and let us show you how your ideas can look.

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