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Check and edit tests before the final product is created

Friday, January 8th, 2016 - Print, Uncategorized

Multiple images of Jimi Hendrix on different substrates

We will test your design on many different materials and send you samples free of charge, to make sure you always know what you’re getting.

Large scale projects can be a huge financial investment, and take a lot of time to complete. This leaves a small window of time should anything go wrong, and could leave you dissatisfied with the quality of your final print.

The opportunity to test your projects on a small scale before the print is completed can prove helpful and avoid disasters where significant changes would otherwise need to be made.

Elements to change and check

A scaled-down mock-up of your print will show you what a number of the finished elements will look like. This can include sizing and colour choices, as well as giving you an overall impression of the final product. In this way, elements can be altered or approved without incurring large unexpected development costs.

Pre-print testing procedures

Once you’ve used your mock-up to decide on any final visual changes, LTD’s detailed testing procedures can also help to demonstrate the durability, strength and quality of your finished large-scale print. Our holistic approach ensures that we show clients a realistic result of what their project will be like.


The right side is sealed, the left side is not. We send tests that show the difference to help you understand.


Bringing your exact design to life

Our testing procedures enable us to bring your print design to life in the highest quality way, taking into account any improvements that can be made before the final product is completed. We guarantee the desired results, and pantone match any colours for branding consistency.

Quick results and turnaround time

LTD make sure that our customers are 100% happy before we create their large-scale print, in order so we can give them the quickest possible turnaround time for completion. This offers a more convenient and cost-effective method to getting the best final products.

Do you need a project completed but don’t have a huge timescale? Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you, on 0845 456 4031.

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