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Are there windows of opportunity for optically clear manifestations in your office?

Thursday, November 12th, 2015 - Uncategorized

Glass manifestations

In many offices which span an entire floor, glass manifestations have replaced opaque wall divides. This is because they offer the option to break up different areas of the office space, whilst allowing in as much natural light as possible throughout the office.

Innovative office design

Glass manifestations needn’t be simply a practical alternative, they can also offer the potential to be a decorative feature within your work space. In order to comply with building control regulations surrounding the visibility of glass divides, there must be some sort of design or feature at eye level which makes the wall easier to see. This is your opportunity to be creative!

Bespoke manifestation designs

Whether you decide to bring colour, metallic or different elements into your design, no doubt you will want to maintain large areas with as much transparency as possible for the optimum amount of light to be let through. Optically clear manifestations with detailed features such as fading opacities, white inks and coloured gradients can create a truly unique focal point for your office, without blocking too much light.

Combining opacities

We are able to print designs with varying opacity levels across one single piece of film, for easy application to your glass manifestations. This makes it easier to have contrasting designs, and our anti-scratch overlaminate acts to protect your bespoke artworks.

Creative Office Design Services

LTD specialise in high quality workplace design, creating inspirational office designs using cutting-edge printing solutions. If you are a designer or Facilities Manager, then we would be delighted to offer you a free design review to showcase what could be achieved. View our case studies for inspiration.

For flawless installation or to discuss your glass manifestation design ideas, give LTD a call today on 0845 456 4031 for more information.

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One response to “Are there windows of opportunity for optically clear manifestations in your office?”

  1. Window or glass manifestation is a great idea for office interior decoration. This is useful to create an attractive visual effect and to perpetuate branding.

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