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Make your office space shine with metallic wallpaper

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 - Uncategorized

Metallic Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a familiar concept for anyone creating a new office design, but something you may not yet have considered is metallic wallpaper. Metallic designs reflect a high quality brand image and premium workspace, as well as being ideal for a feature wall or to draw attention to other features of the office. They have a bold and strong impression, but can change the whole feel of a work place.

Consider the light within your office

Metallic wallpaper can actually be used to enhance the natural lighting that your office or work place has. It will reflect the sun’s rays and brighten up a room, which is an important factor to consider when choosing which walls it should be applied to. Installing it within a dark room with small dimensions could make it appear smaller, compared to a brighter room which could be lifted by the metallic design.

Variable design and changing impressions

As the light changes throughout the daytime, so will your wallpaper change the appearance of your office. When there is less light, it can still give a royal feel, and promote an ethos of working to the highest standards within your company.

Customers and visitors may also find the metallic wallpaper attractive and eye-catching. Metallics are highly versatile and can be used for anything from detailing to whole walls, meaning that they can be used to create a more formal and dressy appearance, or kept casual yet sophisticated.

Office design to shine and stand out

Metallic wallpapers are a truly unique and aesthetically magnificent wall application. Whilst they appear as a premium installation, they are actually very quick and easy for our trained team to install, so your amazing design needn’t come with a high price tag. It’s important to get our expert team to apply these since any imperfections will be highlighted by the shimmery surface, so trust us for the best results.

For an office design with metallic wallpaper that truly creates a dazzling design, get in touch with the LTD team today on 0845 456 4031.

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