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It’s a wrap… How cabinet wraps could create a feature for your office

Thursday, October 1st, 2015 - Uncategorized

Cabinet Wraps

Constant research goes into developing new forms of media, inks and laminates. LTD has an exclusive relationship with Epson, as well as our own Beta testing methods which allows us to continually try new technologies to create new design ideas and techniques.

Wrapping shaped objects

It can be hard to cover 3D objects such as cabinets, but there are some methods which make it a lot easier to get a stylish, high-quality finish. One such method is using conformable vinyl, which is unique in that it allows the ability to graphic wrap shaped objects.

Cabinet wraps come into this category, and are able to wrap objects completely and seamlessly, achieving a flawless installation that transforms your cabinets into an eye-catching office feature.

Your cabinets are part of your office design

Your cabinets need no longer be just a necessary eyesore in the office environment. Instead, they can be a focal point of your workplace, using our cabinet wraps. Cabinet wraps are a cheaper alternative to powder coating and they can be created in a wider variety of colours, designs and graphics. Using cabinet wraps expands your design possibilities, and gives you the ability to incorporate your cabinets into the whole design of your office space.

Cabinet Wraps 23D design opportunities

A unique and stunning way to use cabinet wrapping is to continue an image on the same wall, across the cabinets to produce a three-dimensional effect. This can be very effective with a strong image, or graphics – depending on your individual ideas.

Make your cabinets creative

There are many creative ways to complete your designs using your cabinets, instead of them simply being a functional necessity within your office.

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