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How can bespoke acrylic art mementoes give a contemporary feel to your office?

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 - Uncategorized

bespoke acrylic mementoes

Acrylic art pieces are a truly contemporary way of displaying the images of your choice on your office wall or as a freestanding piece. Whether you’re looking for art to complete the look of a room or to become the central focus, your choice of images or designs can give your office space a new lease of life.

Personalised prints

Creating your bespoke acrylic art mementoes is easy – we just need the original image that you want to begin with. This can be artwork or even a digital photograph. Why not take your own photo to give it an even more personalised feel?

Creating your bespoke acrylic pieces

bespoke acrylic mementoes 2First we print your wall art on to photographic stock, before sandwiching it between an acrylic layer and mounting board. The acrylic is diamond-polished for the highest quality clarity and shine, before being finished by attaching wall-hanging batons on the reverse of the artwork. This type of artwork is adaptable to be freestanding or wall mounted depending on your requirements.

Flexible artwork designs

As well as being able to be displayed in a number of ways, bespoke acrylic art pieces are perfect for creating small mementoes for your friends and family as the blocks are bonded to 20mm thick acrylic. The image can be seen perfectly, whilst a laminate on the back protects the artwork.

Sizing options

The standard sizes that we offer are 100x100mm if the image is square and 300x200mm for either landscape or portrait images. To discuss your prints and what you have in mind, give LTD a call today on 0845 456 4031 or get in touch via our website.

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