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Don’t be generic – choose truly unique interior graphics for your office design

Thursday, October 1st, 2015 - Uncategorized

Clifton Interior Graphics

Long gone are the days of buying an “arty” canvas or clip framed generic photo, for your wall. Personalised artworks will make your office more prestigious, and give you the opportunity to have your unique stamp and personality hanging on your wall.

Everyone can be creative

Advances in affordable, high quality digital cameras give everyone the chance to become a great photographer. Even with little experience, using a decent camera and taking a few shots can help even amateurs to get the best images. You can capture something that is meaningful to you or something that is simply inspiring, and incorporate that into your office work space. Even better – there are many programs and tools available to edit the colours, texture and different elements of these photos to improve them too.

Transforming your photos into artworks

Interior GraphicsWhen it comes to transforming your photos into artworks, the opportunities are endless. There are a number of options that you could consider. From acrylic artworks on canvas, to wallpapers that are metallic or translucent, there’s scope to be as creative as you like. Our Wallapeel solutions are ideal for office branded spaces where images can be installed and then taken down just as easily without any damage to the surface that they’re on. A truly unique way to use your photos could even be to print them as glass manifestations.

Personalised interior graphics for your office

There is something special about using images that mean something to you in your workspace. LTD knows that bespoke artwork looks much more appealing than simply using standard photos or cityscapes.

For timeless artworks to inspire your colleagues, give LTD a call to discuss your requirements today on 0845 456 4031. We will even visit and assess how ambitious your project is before finalising details of your personalised interior graphics.

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