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Replicate your exact colours with Pantone matching for the perfect print

Friday, August 28th, 2015 - Uncategorized

Pantone Testing

When it comes to printing for your business, a slight variation in colour or hue can make all the difference to your branding. You will want to match any other branded material and logo colours when creating new branded prints, and any disparity in the colours can appear inconsistent and unprofessional, not to mention messy. Furthermore, different materials can cause the print finish to change slightly.

Using technology for Pantone matching

LTD uses technology to ensure that whether we’re printing on a DTM machine or roll media, our colours are consistent across a multitude of substrates and materials. We will even match your colour if you don’t have a Pantone reference for it. In fact, we will test your colour until we match it. A copy will be kept of your “signed off” sample, making it convenient to print again on any media at any given time.

Unbeatable colour matches

We guarantee our clients the same colours across different media that they need, so that they can replicate their design from small prints like business cards to large banners and wall prints for exhibitions and even office decorations.

Check your final colours

Our testing procedures are comprehensive and detailed to allow you to see your colours before the final print is done. We’ll give you peace of mind and the ability to preview your print before it’s made whatever your requirements are. For questions regarding your project and requirements, get in touch today by calling 0845 456 4031.

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